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what will be the Instagram Design Trends for 2021?

I believe that knowledge is power, be preper ang get ready to get ahead for 2021 and check the graphic design trends! are you ready for the hottest visual themes — from trending fonts to creative collages!

1. 2021 Instagram will be full of Gritty Gradients design Color gradients are one of the biggest Instagram design trends right now. A gradient is a smooth color transition, usually used to fill a background or space. Use the trand on memes and quotes like the pic below. TIP: If you’re short on time, you can easily find a free-to-use color gradient in Unsplash’s stock photography library or Over’s Graphic library.

2. The line between Instagram and reality is about to get even more blurred, we can see more Real World References on Instagram. 2021 instagra, feed will be full off street signs and printes newspaper - basically it's all about bringing the everyday communication into the digital life.

3. Block your feed with one palette. In-feed color blocking can make your Instagram grid look more professional and cohesive, which is a great way to encourage people to hit the follow button on your profile. Color blocking can be achieved by using harmonious tones alongside one another, or by having a strict color scheme that ties all your posts together - you can change it every 18-24 post. use a free visual planning tool to experiment with different feed compositions before you hit publish (i'm using preview app). 4. Moodboard Collages Feel inspired? shere it with yours followers. use creative apps to make collage. In 2021 we’ll see this playful trend go even further, mirroring homemade cut and paste scrapbooks with a mix of pictures, fonts, and textures, Hand drawn lines, annotations, and repetitive lines of text will also be popular.

5. Yes, the Quotes will never shot down- 2021 is all about Designed Quotes Quotes on Instagram aren’t anything new, and they won’t be going anywhere soon, just saying. Look out for this trend paired with several other trends in this list, such as gritty gradients, retro cool, warped and wavy text, and digital stickers.

6. Call me wild, but it seems like things are about to get rather groovy on the Instagram - The Retro Is Coming Back Baby! Well 2021 gonna be free-spirited expressionism of the 60s, with groovy fonts and bold colors taking center stage, that's what she said!

7. And the last one (for now) - If you want to keep up with the trends in 2021, it’s time to think beyond static imagery. start use Animated Elements. Even the simplest touch of animation can elevate your brand’s design values.

Until the next time, Nuv 🐰

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